Bollywood Songs

Bollywood songs are the songs that play such a major role in many Bollywood movies. Many films made in the Bollywood film scene are indeed musicals and Bollywood films are just as well known for their song and dance routines as they are for their plots. Bollywood film music as a whole is often referred to as filmi music. The songs in a Bollywood film could make or break it in popularity terms. A good song or songs can go a long way to making a movie a box office success.


Bollywood songs play an integral role in a vast number of Bollywood films. The characters in one of these movies will often break into song either with or without an accompanying dance routine. The songs and dances here may be a natural part of the plot or, as often happens, will be used as a dream sequence or to show the audience the thoughts of the actor or actress in the scene.

Although Bollywood movie stars can become household names all over the world they often don’t sing their own songs. Many of the songs that are in a Bollywood movie will be recorded by a specialist singer known as a playback singer and the actor or actress seen singing on film will actually be miming. Being a singer of Bollywood songs can mean major fame in itself even if the singer never actually appears on screen. Many of the major names here are big enough draws to make an audience go to see a film. The songwriters here also often become particularly well known.

Some Bollywood film stars can and do sing their own songs. Most don’t, however, as they tend to be picked primarily for their dancing and acting skills. Few of them can dance, act and sing to the same degree of quality which is why most Bollywood songs are sung by professional singers so that the actors can concentrate on other things.

It’s quite common for a film soundtrack to be released before a movie to get interest in the film from the singer’s fans. This is especially the case if the singer is an audience favourite. Bollywood songs are also commonly remixed to give them modern beats and slants to appeal to different markets. It isn’t uncommon for one Bollywood film to have a number of different soundtracks released with it in this way.